Recruitment and Selection

QuestFocus offers a flexible approach to recruitment. By shaping a recruitment service that matches your needs we ensure that we deliver fast and effective results.

Executive Search

QuestFocus is among the leading Global executive search firms, helping organizations find senior ranking executives who will enable them to drive business results.

Global Recruitment

Our global footprint gives us the power to deliver wherever you need help. Our experts serve clients and candidates in 20 countries across the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide customized outsourcing solutions beyond time and geographies to manage the human resource operations of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Approachable, knowledgeable and friendly, we have built our reputation as a leading specialist.
Human Capital firm in based on the success of our long-term client relationships.

Reasons to choose QuestFocus

  • Tailored recruitment service which is fully traceable and guaranteed to meet your specific needs – regardless of how small or demanding they may be.
  • Partnership approach guided by trust, transparency, respect and performance to ensure we add maximum value over the long-term by fully understanding your business.
  • Responsive and quick to react to your requests so you’re never left waiting.
  • Communication throughout the entire recruitment process from your dedicated consultant so you always know what’s happening, with the level of communication you require.


QuestFocus is a leading provider of specialized recruitment, talent management and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services with clients around the Globe.
At QuestFocus, we use our insight, knowledge and global resources to make exceptional connections every day. Clients choose QuestFocus as their workforce partner to solve staffing challenges that range from locating hard-to-find niche talent to completing quick-fill demands.
We help our clients accomplish their business objectives through our innovative Human Capital Solutions.
Our ability to support our clients’ dispersed skillset and geographic staffing needs is second to none in the industry.

We Help Clients Build Winning Leadership Teams

Our Process

We start with a comprehensive understanding of each of our clients. This means investigating the DNA of the organisation – probing the culture, organisational values, business model and strategic goals of the business area and the enterprise as a whole.
We collaborate closely with the client team, helping to define what they need in terms of the commercial context and the candidates who will shape the role to fuel their ambitions.

We also team with our colleagues, leveraging each other’s expertise and exchanging perspectives on the industry from different markets. This helps clients to build diverse leadership teams that achieve results in a multipolar economy – a critical success factor for tomorrow’s organisations.

Investigation. Collaboration. Teamwork.

We are able to do this through proprietary technology that provides the frameworks and tools to ensure cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge transfer and effective teaming within a structured process.

Broadly, this follows three main stages, each run according to our guiding principles of relevance, commitment and results.

Business context and search strategy

The next stage involves the development of an initial candidate list, by conducting preliminary research within our extensive global database, targeting specific individuals and benchmarking internal candidates against those in the market..

Candidate identification and assessment

The next stage involves the development of an initial candidate list, by conducting preliminary research within our extensive global database, targeting specific individuals and benchmarking internal candidates against those in the market.

Search completion, deal closure and follow up

We review the leading candidates with our client and explore how the profile of each individual is aligned with key elements of the business. We prioritize the final candidates and recommend negotiation terms.

Multicultural Expertise. Local Knowledge. Global Perspective

What Makes Us Different

Questfocus is a multicultural business, with a multicultural client base.
Our clients benefit from our multicultural approach, because every one of our consultants is deeply embedded in their local market. Their local knowledge is enhanced by real world experience beyond search. Our consultants know the reality of their environment in terms of business issues, implementation challenges and appropriate candidates – validating market conditions, including remuneration trends.

Our global infrastructure includes a broad range of expertise across different industries, encompassing regional and local markets. This provides breadth, whilst we ensure that our colleagues can work in depth. We have developed a proprietary technology platform that goes beyond standard systems to harness the true wealth of our global knowledge and capabilities. Together, we offer a global perspective that recognizes the nuances of a diverse executive.

Client Enquiry

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