Most of our high growth clients Company believe that tracking passive talent on an on-going basis provides them a competitive edge in their business.

Having successfully completed multiple search engagements we now offer executive research services to our clients.

This service is to identify executive talent from a targeted company or group of companies or an industry/market segment in a specific geography.

The deliverable is an overview of an executive without having contacted them personally.The reporting is static, meaning that once a person or group is identified no continuous monitoring is done.

The most accurate and insightful information is gathered through this service carried out for an extended period. The objective is to track additional information on executives including their experience, growth plans and motivators. The deliverable is an overview of executives having met/contacted them personally.All through the research you can expect frequent updates. Few advantages:

  • Provide a long-term view of identifying and developing a pool of potential talent.
  • Track best performers across organizations to address lateral recruitment in cases of any retirements, succession planning or attrition.
  • Facilitate a speedy, well defined and more cost effective response to your recruitment needs.
  • A pipeline of potential talent will be essential especially at the time of an acquisition or while starting an operation in a country, region or market or diversifying into a new business venture.