There has been an increasing conscious amongst founders of Startups and New entrepreneurial ventures that efficiency of human resource as a function is crucial for long term business viability. Thus for startups, which put a higher premium on temperament over qualifications, cultural fit is often more important than pure skills.

Startups bring good energy and robust enthusiasm to the economy and sometimes create a leading product, services and jobs revolution. But for startups to sustain their energy and growth manpower with diverse skill sets is required. Startups entrepreneurs would be the first to accept that although they own the idea and have the drive they are lacking in other skills and solutions for areas such as marketing, finance, engineering, logistics, hiring for jobs and so on and so forth. At the same time recruitment for start ups is challenging because the best of these, take a while to establish their brand equity.

Regular channels will bring only regular candidates, who might not be able to work in a startup. Human Resource is the only valuable asset startups have as they are often hard pressed for funds.

QuestFocus brings in rich experience and highly qualified professionals to Start Ups running the show without worrying about talent acquisition.

We offer a customized talent acquisition model for startups that enables them to Understand Human Resource needs to support new ventures.

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