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Change is the only constant thing in the present scenario and right from the technologies that we use these days to the trends that run around different sectors, nothing stays in business for long. The recruitment industry is no less different and right from the way people look for jobs to the social, economic and political conditions in the world; everything has an effect on the recruitment trends.

Compiled as per the research, surveys and interviews of the Best Recruitment Consultants in India, some of the specific recruitment trends are surely going to the rule the recruitment industry not just in 2017 but also in the years to come. Check out these trends and implement them when you look for the perfect candidates to fill in the employee spaces at your workplace.

The Trend of Social Recruitment

You’d hardly meet a person these days that don’t have their accounts over social media platforms. With the prominent professional recruitment platforms like LinkedIn, people connect with the ideal candidates and approach them through these social media channels. Apart from this, a lot of people make groups on the socializing and messaging platforms where different requirements are posted and people having references share them. So instead of posting ads the traditional ways, a great way to connect with recruiters and vice-versa is through social recruitment.

Automated Employment

The top recruitment consultants in India these days use automated tools and techniques that help them build a huge databank of different candidates seeking jobs. Considering this, as soon as a client reaches out to them with specific requirements, they simply run search queries through their systems and their task is done. So in addition to collecting new data, they also get a chance to use the existing one to the maximum thus simplifying the entire work.

Contractual Jobs

Recently, the trend of people not doing a full-time job has widely increased. Also put under the terms like freelancing or self-employment, this type of recruitment is going to increase. Whatever bracket the companies put this in, we’d see more people working for themselves instead of doing jobs the traditional ways. A major benefit of this approach is the option to choose from the new talent that arrives in the market to look for jobs. You can hire talented people without having to pay them as much as an experienced candidate would demand. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with the culture of Job Hopping by experienced candidates.

Candidates ought to have an upper hand

With enhanced job opportunities available all over the world, the candidates would become very selective about where they intend to work. Right from the amount of money they are paid to the brand value a particular company works on, there is a lot that a candidate would focus on before they decide to work for you. It is important that the employers seek support from Best Executive Search firm in India to make sure that they guide them in finding the perfect employee who matches the brand images.

Increase in quality referrals

Every employer looks for referrals from their employees as it is a great way to source good talent. As per various surveys, it is believed that the recruitment in India is going to implement this strategy. To begin with, they are going to make sure that the budget of employee incentives is increased so that employees put in some efforts to refer appropriate people and thus earn money through it.

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